13 juin 2018

Uropi: World's Languages Forum in Toulouse (English)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Forum 2018« Of course, we had thunderstorms… » Jacques Brel used to sing. In late May this year the whole of France was plagued with thunderstorms; bur thank God, in Toulouse, we were lucky enough to escape them. On Sunday May 27th, on Place du Capitole, the sky was cloudy with sunny intervals, at 8 am, when we put up our stand.The morning was rather quiet before the visitors’ rush, which left us time time to stroll around the Forum and halt for a chat at various stands, for ex. the highly coloured Hindi... [Lire la suite]

08 sept. 2010

Uropi id Cini - Uropi and Chinese - L'Uropi et le chinois

  Uropi Nove 35* Uropi Nove 35* Uropi Nove 35* **** Cini provorde - Chinese proverbs - Proverbes chinois*** Tale de flore futuri se in de sieme odiu.   Toutes les fleurs de l'avenir sont dans les semences d'aujourd'hui. All the flowers of the future are in today's seeds. ** U fram se u vaj, u fens se u mur.   Un ami c'est une route, un ennemi c'est un mur.   A friend is a road, a foe is a wall.   ** Fraj ne ito pro lanim, fraj solem stopo.   Ne crains pas d'avancer lentement,... [Lire la suite]